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Career, Work and Occupational Guidance

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At this time, all sessions are conducted remotely, using a HIPAA compliant video portal.

Choosing a career direction

If you are unsure of your career direction, you're not alone. Choosing a career direction can be quite a daunting process! Career transitions are quite common in today's tumultuous and ever-changing economy, but sorting out career-related interests, preferences, and skills can help you move in a productive direction. It is best to start career counseling with a Career Direction Evaluation. 

With all of the options in the United States for fine educational training, it's wise to consider your options before selecting a college or university, as some schools offer majors that others don't. Making an informed decision from the start can help you take the most financially efficient path, as you will be more prepared to select a major and follow the prescribed degree program without wasting time and money on unrelated courses. 

Perhaps you've been engaged in a career or occupation that you no longer find stimulating, challenging, or financially feasible. Career transitions for individuals who are mid-career or even late-career can be quite daunting. Having an unbiased perspective may help to ease some of the distress by helping you explore some of your options.  

Career counseling sessions are provided at $75 per half-hour. A comprehensive career direction package, which includes the Cognitive Plus Career Direction Evaluation and 2 Career Counseling Sessions is offered for $650.

Other career or occupational services

What we do for a living affects many aspects of our lives, since we spend over 40 hours per week on work. Sometimes, we need a little help sorting out our options, picking a direction, managing interactions with co-workers or employees, and establishing work-life balance. Satisfaction at work can translate into greater satisfaction in life.  

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