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Guest speaking engagements on a variety of mental health concerns, psychological well-being, and and team-building can be provided. With over 20 years of experience providing workshops and lectures, speaking engagements can be tailored to your group. Some sample topics are provided below. 


Teamwork and Leadership 

Enhancing motivation

Developing effective communication 

Modifying behavior

Creating a new team culture

Effective goal-setting 

Improving team cohesion

Understanding different personality styles

Fostering a mastery culture

Sport Psychology 

Improving mental health and wellness:

Building resilience

Setting boundaries

Improving self-care

Managing stress

Conflict management

Establishing healthy relationships

Learning health communication

Preventing burnout in the workplace

Dealing with vicarious trauma

Managing caregiver burnout

Mindfulness basics

Living a value-centric life

Exploring career options before college

Mental Health Presentations:

Understanding mental health conditions (e.g., depression, autism-spectrum, ADHD)

Adapting your business or services for people with mental health concerns

Helping emergency service personnel work with people with mental health conditions

Mental health concerns for older adults

Understanding the young-adult brain 

Basic behavior modification for children with behavioral symptoms

Long-term effects of exposure to trauma during childhood

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