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Serving Clients in Colorado and Ohio

Services that are delivered with live video teletherapy are available to residents in Ohio and Colorado, only, due to state licensing laws.


In-person services take place in Grand Junction, CO are available. 

Online courses (coming soon) are available to anyone anywhere!

About Dr. MacIntire

Hi, I'm Dr. Mae MacIntire. I am a Licensed Psychologist in Colorado. I have a Master's of Science in Psychology, with a focus in sport psychology and a PhD in Counseling Psychology. Counseling Psychologists receive additional training in career and workplace issues in addition to other mental health and wellness issues. I chose to pursue an additional specialty in gerontology during my PhD training, but I have applied training as a generalist in clinical services and began seeing clients during my doctoral training, starting in 2006. I have also been a college instructor since 2004, which has kept me up-to-date on recent developments in Psychology in the scientific literature. I am passionate about providing the best services that I can for my clients. Sometimes, this means helping you find another qualified mental health professional who works with conditions that I do not. Many times, it means that I will consult the scientific literature to make sure that we both have the best understanding of your symptoms or diagnosis and that we are aware of the most promising treatment options. 

While I am trained in several treatment approaches, my primary approach is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. ACT is considered to be a modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With ACT, the focus of treatment is on changing a person's relationship to their thoughts, increasing contact with their values, and fostering psychological flexibility. ACT is an empirically valid treatment for a number of conditions and it continues to be researched. It is one of the treatment strategies employed by Psychologists who work at VA Hospitals, due to its efficacy with a broad range of conditions. I also use ACT and mindfulness approaches with Sport Psychology to help athletes and coaches become more resilient in competition and in life.    


No Surprises


No Surprises Law information: A federal law was enacted in January 2022 that was meant to curtail surprise bills by large hospitals, where some providers may be a part of an insurance network and others not a part of a patient's insurance network. The sentiment of the law is admirable, but the application is currently a bit of a disaster for small single-member entities like most mental health providers. The No Surprises Law requires a Good Faith Estimate of all services a patient who is paying out of pocket might need in advance of their appointment. This is much easier to accomplish for hospitals who have standardized procedures and equipment for a specific diagnosis (e.g., a broken arm requires an x-ray, cast, and a physician). The law is a poor fit for mental health service provision, as we already post our standard rates for the public and mental health treatment is much more individualized, perhaps a bit more like physical or speech therapy. We can't know for sure how long a patient may need therapy, particularly since we have no way of predicting what life-events may arise over the course of treatment or which of our patients may respond quickly to therapy and which may take more time to progress. Therefore, this practice will provide Good Faith Estimates for out-of-pocket payers and only for services that qualify as medical services. Good Faith Estimates will be written in 2-month increments and will be revised as necessary. To read the official disclosure regarding Good Faith Estimates, please click HERE.

Not all services provided through this practice are medical and are not subject to the No Surprises Law. Non-medical services include Sport Psychology, most Evaluations/ Assessments, Court Testimony, Career Counseling, Workshops, Health Coaching, and Psychotherapy for personal insight. All fees are published on  in practice documents. Unlike a large hospital, there are no secrets about the cost of services here. 


Phone: (970) 609-9810

**If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.** The phone number listed above for scheduling purposes, only, and is NOT for crisis services.  

Dr. MacIntire also provides mental health services to patients residing in Colorado. For more information, please go to

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