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Helping you get unstuck and move in valued directions.

What is an Action Potential?

The term "Action Potential" describes the proper balance of electrical charges within a neuron (brain cell) that causes it to fire. Dr. MacIntire, chose to use this term to describe clinical, sport, and health-coaching services because it fits with her views of change and healing. Specifically, many people seek help when they are not feeling their best or just want to get going in the right direction. Perhaps you have faced some circumstances that have left you feeling a bit off-- as a person or an athlete. Maybe you feel disconnected with yourself or you know that you're not performing at your best. Talking with someone could help you to identify what needs to change so that you can get back in touch with your action potential. 




Sport Psychology involves the application of psychological skills and team-building to enhance performance. Sport Psychology is for anyone who wants to perform at their best-- it's not just for elite athletes. In fact, many of the skills learned during Sport Psychology training are transferable to other areas of life, including academics and career. 

An array of consultation and research services are available. Need a better understanding of your employees? Need to clarify your team or organizational values? Is your team culture healthy or toxic? How is your leadership really doing? Is your group engaging in best-practices for your field, team, profession, etc.? Program evaluation services are available to better understand how programs and services meet the needs of the people you serve, how your employees are doing, and express the values of the organization. 

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Are you struggling to set goals related to health behavior changes, like diet and exercise? Health coaching is a non-clinical service offered to those who do not need traditional psychotherapy. If a physician, nutritionist or dietitian has recommended a specific diet for you OR you have chosen one for yourself, but you are struggling to stick with it, health coaching may be for you.

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Need a tailored presentation? Teamwork, motivation, values-centered leadership, ethics, mental health, empathy, compassion fatigue, resilience, psychological optimization, wellness, parent behavior at sporting events, and any sport psychology topic.  With over 20 years of experience providing workshops and lectures, speaking engagements can be tailored to your group. 

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If you are unsure of your career direction, you're not alone. Choosing a career direction can be quite a daunting process. Career transitions are quite common in today's tumultuous and ever-changing economy. Sorting out career-related interests, preferences, and skills can help you move in a productive direction. 

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Coming soon! Learn at your own pace and choose from the topics that fit your interests or needs the most. Topics will include mental health, leadership, coaching, sport performance, resilience training, parent training, behavior modification, career exploration, and much more!

Who can enroll?

Services that are delivered with live video teletherapy are available to residents of Ohio and Colorado, only, due to state licensing laws. In-person services take place in Grand Junction, CO. 

Online courses (coming soon) are available to anyone anywhere!

If you are seeking psychotherapy services for mental health purposes, please go to

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